June 22-24,2018
ICEEMS 2018 News
Apr. 11, 2018

Prof. Zhaokun Ding
Guangxi University/Faculty of Animal Sciences & Technology, China

Research Area:
Fish nutrition, physiology, biochemistry & molecular biology, Environmental biology

Research experience:

Zhaokun Ding completed his Ph.D. from University of New England and postdoctoral studies from National Research Council of Canada. He is a Professor, Director of Fishery Sciences, Guangxi University, China. He is also a member of Seawater Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnological Engineering Committees in China, Scientific Consultant Group and Scientist in USA. He is interested in Fish nutrition, physiology, biochemistry & molecular biology as well as Environmental biology. So far his publication includes more than 180 papers, 11 books, and 25 invention patents. He wasgranted a Merite of Outstanding Intellectual of the 21st Centurion by UK and the Certificate of Merited Accomplishments and Success in Contemporary Society by USA.




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