June 22-24,2018
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Apr. 17, 2018

Pro.Zhigang Zhan
State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing,China

Research Area:
PEM fuel cell; new energy power plant; marine engineering 

Research experience:
Pro. Zhigang Zhan, staff of State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing, Wuhan University of Technology. Pro. Zhan acquired his master degree from Wuhan University of Transport Technology, and PhD from Wuhan University of Technology and as a visiting scholar studied in University of Victoria, Canada. In early years Pro. Zhan’s research area was in marine engineering, including ship’s power plant optimum operation and energy saving, marine pollution protection, etc. Now his interests turned to PEM fuel cell, the programs in charge of during recent years including China's National 863 High Technology Project, National Natural Science Foundation, etc. covered the transport phenomena in porous, water transport and phase change in PEMFC at subzero temperature, flow field and stack structure optimum design, etc.  
April 2007 - Present:
PEM fuel cell, including gas and water transport mechanism in PEMFC, stack and system assemble, etc.  
July 1986 - April 2007:
Marine engineering, including optimum of the ship propulsion system, energy saving and discharge control for marine engine, methods to protect microorganism pollution diffusion from ship ballast water, etc.   
Programs in charge of during recent years
1. National Natural Science Foundation “Characteristics of Crystallization Kinetics of Water and Phase Change Induced Microstructure Damage in PEM Fuel Cell Under Subzero Temperature”(21676207)
2. China's National 863 High Technology Project “Low Cost MEA/bipolar Plate and Stack assemble” (2013AA110201)
3. China's National 863 High Technology Large Project ”Fuel Cell Stack and Key Materials ” (2008AA11A106)
Nature Science Fund of Hubei province “Dynamic Characteristics of Water Transport in PEM Fuel Cells” (20101j0042)

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